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The MX5 is based around the idea of the driver being at one with the car (Jinba ittai togetherness), it is one of the main reasons we love the MX5’s at Basset Down Balancing. Yes, there are faster cars out there. Yes, there are higher specification sports cars out there. However, when it comes to driveability and fun factors, the MX5 does just that and more!

The two main parts of the car that in our mind that needs upgrading is the suspension performance and the engine power. We offer a multitude of areas to improve on.

Rolling Road Dyno

Dyno Tech by Dyno Dynamics. Up to 800HP. 

Front and rear wheel drive cars. 


Drive-in drive out, half-day tune. £350+vat

Full calibrations inc hot and cold start. £550+vat

(for full calibration the vehicle is required to stay with us for a minimum of 5 days)


MX5 engine conversions

Rocketeer V6 engine conversion 

Supercharger conversions

Turbo conversion 

Throttle body conversions


Servicing for Mazda Mk1, Mk2, Mk2.5 and Mk3. 

We have a variety of levels of services.

Please contact us for a price and/or to book.

Camshaft Upgrades

Enquire for options and information

ITB Upgrades

Enquire for details

MOT ready rust and sill repairs 

Get your MX5 MOT ready including minor rust repairs and sill replacements.

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