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Basset Down Balancing offers both road and competition engine builds. Our main focus in this area is Mazda MX5 Mk1, Mk2 and Mk2.5 engines for racing, track days and/or road use. Also, the AJ30 V6 Jaguar engines are used in the Rocketeer MX V6 conversion kit. Lastly, Ford and Chevy small block V8 engines for the kit car market.

We have invested heavily in tooling and machinery enabling us to provide the following services in-house:

  • Cylinder block reboring and honing 

  • Main cap align honing 

  • Cylinder head and block refacing 

  • Dynamic balancing 

  • Valve guide replacement and honing 

  • Multi-angle valve seats 

  • Valve refacing

  • Cylinder head port and polishing 

Engine Building 

Please contact us to discuss any other engines.

Engines we have built before:

  • Honda B-series

  • Honda J-series

  • Jaguar AJ30 

  • Mazda MX5 B/BP series (Mk1&2)

  • Mazda MX5 NC (Mk3)

  • Mazda KL V6

  • Chevy SB

  • Ford SB

  • Ford Duratec

  • Isuzu Trooper

  • Jaguar Mk1/2 E-type

  • Rover V8

  • Singer 

  • Classic Mini A-series

  • Lotus Twin Cam

Reconditioned MX5 & AJ30 Engines

Click more for further information regarding MX5 Reconditioned Exchange Engines.

In order to purchase or enquire about an engine please contact us via email or contact us via our contact form by clicking the words in bold. Please state which stages of engine you are enquiring about Cylinder head, Cylinder block, Stage 1 with assembly or Stage 2 with assembly. Also, state if you would like any additional services.

MX5 Crate Motors

Mazda High compression -Throttle Bodies - Normal aspirated - 12-1 compression ratio

Mazda Standard compression - standard pistons - 9-1 compression ratio

Mazda low compression - 8-1 compression ratio - Built for turbo 

Enquire to find out more.

AJ30 Rocketeer V6 conversion Crate Motors 

Rocketeer spec standard compression - 275hp

V6 high compression - high compression cam with Throttle bodies 300-310hp 

Enquire to find out more.


Engine Dyno Videos

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