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Engine dyno, short for engine dynamometer, is a device used to measure the torque and rotational speed of an engine. It provides valuable data about an engine's performance, including power output, torque curves, and other essential parameters. This information is crucial for evaluating the efficiency and overall capabilities of an engine, especially in the context of automotive, performance, and motorsport. 

An engine dyno can be used to tune both carburated and fuel-injected engines, either turbo, supercharged or normally aspirated in steady-state conditions. For example, while mapping fuel and ignition tables. 

If you have any specific questions or need more details about engine dyno information, please feel free to ask.

Engine Dyno 

SuperFlow SF902 Dyno. Up to a 1000 HP

Headers/bell housings for:

  • Chevy BB/ SB

  • Ford SB

  • Ford Essex V6

  • Jaguar AJ30/ Ford Duratec V6

  • Rover V8

  • MX5 

  • Honda B-series 

  • A-series MG Midget 

  • Jaguar Mk1/2 and E-type

Please contact us for any other type of engine. 

bellhousing small block ford with gt40 exhaust

Engine Dyno Videos

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