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Our chief engine builder and dynamic balancer. Who also runs the engine dyno. Andy started with the company in 2008 and then became the owner in 2009. 

Fun Fact: Names all of his marine fish. 

Andy Bell - Director/Owner 
Tracy Bell - Director/Owner

Tracy does the accounts, office administrator and assists in the day to day running of the workshop. Tracy is also the customer service coordinator. 

Fun Fact: Can make a swan and a frog in origami.   

Megan Bell - Workshop & Marketing Manager

Megan deals with all the digital media, scheduling and booking. Usually the person you'll get to speak to first.  

Fun Fact: Has enough trainers for a different pair each day of the month. 

Nick Bailey - Mechanic & RR Tuner 

Rolling Road tuner, welder and mechanical technician.

Fun Fact: He has tuned a hover craft.

Engine preparation and cleaning along with Engine dyno loading. 

Fun Fact: Joe is the best tea maker even though he only drinks black coffee. 

Joe Rollinson - Engine Prep and Dyno 
Lewis- Cockerpoo 

Head of Security

Head of Puplick Relations 

Pawject Manager

Lilly- Cockerpoo 
Pippa - Chihuahua 
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