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V6 Engines are considered a Group 2 Engine and therefore require the use of bob weights to dynamically balance the crankshaft. All V6 Engines will need to be dealt with in this way.

There are some V6 Engines that were externally balanced and require the flywheel and damper to be assembled on the crankshaft while balancing.

Below is a list of items we will need to be able to balance your engine components for you.

Flywheel and Clutch Cover
Front Pulley/Damper
Conrods with Shells
Pistons with Rings, Pins & Circlips

All appropriate hardware - Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Note: All parts must arrive clean and fit correctly before any work can be carried out.

Balancing/Lightening Options (Works Engine Conversion)
Unfortunately as with most Group 2 engines we are unable to lighten the crankshaft, but in most cases, we can lighten the flywheel giving improved performance.

Basset Down will also be able to help with all other engine machining work needed including gas flowing and crankshaft regrinding to name a few.

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