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4 Cylinder Car Engines are now being pushed upwards of 8000 rpm for both road and track cars. These engines will benefit from both balancing and lightening to gain maximum power from the components. Efficient engines produce the best power, this has been proved time and again in the dyno cells of engine builders for many years. By balancing your engine it helps to run more smoothly, contacting far less with the main bearing and increasing both component life and efficiency.

Below is a list of items we will need to be able to balance your engine components for you.

Flywheel And Clutch
Front Pulley
Conrod and Pistons

All appropriate hardware - Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Note: All parts must arrive clean and fit correctly before any work can be carried out.

Modification Options & Machining Work

Basset Down can help with all aspects of your engine build from cylinder boring to a crankshaft regrind and line boring. As with all engines, excess weight will stop the engine from reaching its full potential, however, weight can in almost all 4-cylinder engines be significantly reduced. We can knife-edge your crankshaft, lighten your flywheel and in some cases, the conrods can be lightened as well giving your engine the best possible chance to produce extra power.

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