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Over the past 50 years of Basset Down Balancing has probably balanced every type and configuration of the engine.  Even though there is a large amount of work required to balance a 2 Cylinder Engine the results are very pleasing and, in many cases, exceeds customers' expectations.

Below is a list of items we will need to be able to balance your engine components for you.

Flywheel And Clutch
Piston with Rings, Pin and Circlips
Conrod with Rollers and Crank Bolt

All appropriate hardware - Nuts, Bolts & Washers

And any other parts you feel we may need

Note: All parts must arrive clean and fit correctly before any work can be carried out.

Machining Work And Other Options

While we are balancing your engine it may be required for some heavy metal to be inserted into the crankshaft, thus making it difficult to offer a turn around time of less than 10 days. It may also be worth considering having other machining work done. Basset Down can offer for example any machining work on your crank cases while your engine is apart.

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