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Large Single Cylinder Engines can benefit from being dynamically balanced. Wear and tear can be a major issue if the crankshaft is trying to exit the crankcases on each revolution due to a huge dynamic couple being thrown through the crankshaft. This happens if there is excess weight in either the flywheel or crankshaft counterweights. However, these problems can be resolved, thus leaving a much more pleasant engine and leave it running smoother.

All Single Cylinder Engines need to be balanced to what is called a balance factor, a percentage of the reciprocating and rotating weight. In most cases, we have detailed records from 35+ years of experience with vintage and classic car engines of all types.

Below is a list of items we will need to be able to balance your engine components for you.
Piston with Rings, Pin and Circlips
Conrod with all Spacers and Roller Bearings (etc)
Any Gears, Pulleys, Dampers or Associated parts you think we may need

All appropriate hardware - Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Note: All parts must arrive clean and fit correctly before any work can be carried out.

Extra Machining Work Available

While your components are with Basset Down Balancing, we can offer you a wide range of extra services, for example, any machining work in the crankcase to help with oil delivery, or white metaling of conrods for example.

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